The Lotus Organization Church and Lovestream Teleconference Instruction Page—

Note to all wishing to attend Lotus/Lovestream events by teleconference line:

Call in to our line about five minutes early so that you have a few moments to prepare and settle in. If you come late you might affect the recording. Use the five minutes for meditation and settling in preparation for the service or program.

Calling-in instructions:

The number to call in to is (712) 770-4160. A mechanical voice will ask you to enter the pass code, which is  773599  followed by the # sign. The voice will then ask you to announce yourself to the group. Announce yourself by name if you wish and others may say hello in return. If you are not early, please be silent. The important thing is to come ready to learn, requesting inwardly to receive the Dharma—Gospel—Way of Life. The leader of the meeting will arrive at the assigned start time, introduce themselves and address those in attendance.

Although events are over the phone, they are live. Please listen, absorb and apply the teaching the best you can.

Most mobile and all landline phones will be able to access the Lotus meetings. It is believed however that some low-cost mobile plans may not allow the calling of this number.
You might want to test the number in advance of the class to make sure your phone is compatible. If you are testing your phone for the first time and it doesn't work, try at least one more time. You may have misdialed or put in the code too fast. If you are unable to sign on with your type of mobile phone, Skype is an inexpensive alternative that does work. 

The phone number has the area code (712) which is assigned to the State of Iowa in the United States of America. Your phone company will charge whatever is in your contract fee to call to that location. The Lotus Organization receives no compensation for these calls but we welcome donations through our donations page. All classes may be recorded.

If you have questions about these teleconference events, please call Sifu Clarity Hsu at (707) 343-7546. Thanks for your participation in our varied courses here at The Lotus Organization and Lovestream!
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